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Dimcon is a well-established player in the staffing space, consistently delivering the industry’s top talent to all our clients worldwide. With a rock-solid decade old experience behind us, we top the list as an organization of choice when it comes to IT staffing needs. We help our clients overcome staffing challenges and augment their workforce with an uncompromised focus on high-quality workforce solutions.

We offer an all encompassing array of services in staffing, specializing in both, permanent as well as contractual staffing needs, ranging from short-term, project specific staffing to long-term permanent positions. Successfully accomplishing quick-fill demands, to finding niche talent, and placing ideal candidates across technologies, we help fulfill every conceivable IT staffing need for your organization. We employ the industry best practices in the processes of identifying, screening, selecting and helping retain great employees and top talent. As part of our workforce solutions, our endeavor has always been to create the perfect fit of a job seeker and a company, backed by a philosophy to always provide the best candidate for the job on hand. Dimensions Consulting promises to be your success partner for all your IT staffing needs.


Dimcon offers various staffing models that provide our customers with flexibility and reduced costs to enable them to meet their project and budget deadlines.

The various models available are:

  • Contractual staffing
  • Remote/near site staffing
  • Hybrid staffing
  • Project staffing
  • Permanent staffing

Contractual Staffing

For more than a decade, we at Dimension consulting have been successfully fulfilling the contractual staffing needs of our clients with highly qualified professionals to fulfill their short and long-term temporary and contract positions. Now more than ever, organizations across the globe need more and more resources for their employment needs, as contract employees can contribute on par and have long lasting effects as part of the overall business framework. In this respect, the IT domain is no different. For IT organizations worldwide, it is imperative to tap the abilities of professionals with the right skill set and experience, because it is these very people who define the success of the company to a large measure.

"Dimcon offers short-term and long-term contract staffing services designed to meet our customer needs."

And when it comes to contractual staffing, whatever may be the level of expertise and experience required, whether it is a specialized resource for a specific project, or a candidate with an advanced qualification, we make it a virtually hassle-free process for our clients to get the right candidate.

Dimcon’s staffing practice with its mature processes, effectively offer our customers:

  • Qualified and well-screened resources
  • Reduces your overhead costs by adding or removing resources based on your need
  • Reduces your total cost of ownership

With industry best practices across the entire recruiting and hiring value chain, we provide a definite advantage to clients by effectively filling the gaps in the workforce to ensure smooth, uninterrupted operations. The key value-added benefits significant to contractual staffing are a customary feature in all our solutions, and comprise of reduced ramp-up and ramp-down times, cross training and knowledge retention, and a fast-flex capability with an extensive network of both offshore and on-site bench strength. This flexibility is instrumental in providing cost reduction and complete operational control to the client.

Right from understanding your requirement in-depth, to the searching process across relevant networks, to the entire screening process, and finally to the confirmation and on boarding process- we are with you every step of the way. We also ensure that the candidates have a basic training, knowledge and a keen understanding about the clients’ organizational culture, so that this talent pool can start contributing value right from the word go. So far, we have accomplished extraordinary results by creating consistent contract staffing solutions that have greatly enhanced clients’ business productivity, agility, competitiveness and profitability.

Remote/Near-Site and Hybrid Staffing

We work very closely with our customers to offer solutions that best fit their needs by assessing their project-staffing manpower load. These solutions are designed to enable our customers to cut down costs significantly while also helping them meet project deadlines.

Remote/Near-Site Staffing This option provides several advantages to our customers, ranging from significant cost savings, rapid hiring enabling shortened ramp up times, build out teams as the need arises without having to worry about costs associated with space and utilities. Customers are actively involved in the selection of resources, both at the offshore as well as near-site facilities, while we manage the availability of the resources.

Hybrid Staffing: This option is a utilized extensively by organizations who feel better served to have a local presence to manage and oversee the project delivery while taking advantage of the cost savings offered by the near-site and offshore teams.

Project Staffing

This tailor made solution is available to customers who are keen on reducing their overhead costs of putting a team together. Dimcon with its team of SMEs and recruiters will work closely with you to work on identifying your technology/resource needs, design the job descriptions, recruit and hire the team.

Permanent Staffing

For companies around the globe, one of the most crucial assets is that of the human resource, their employees who are the largest contributors to their success. And that is exactly why it is so important that the right candidate is hired for the right position through a careful selection process, and not guesswork. Moreover, hiring full-time permanent employees means significant time, money and effort investment by the hiring company. And that is where Dimensions Consulting comes in to help you find the right permanent hire and grow your talent pool.

We believe that no two clients or candidates are alike, and we offer our tailor-made recruitment strategies best suited for your business. Attracting the best talent with our marketing prowess is the first step, followed by an in-depth screening by our recruitment specialists. We provide end-to-end permanent staffing solutions, right from detailed search; to conducting in-depth interviews, portfolio reviews, hands-on skills and experience testing, and professional background and reference checks; to the on boarding process and finally the commencement of the candidate’s tenure with the client. This process ensures that we provide only the very best and most suitable candidates that exactly match your needs.

We offer unmatched services across the vast IT landscape including expertise in the areas of ERP, CRM and EAM; Data Centers; IT Architecture; Business Processes; Development; Quality Assurance; EPM and Business Intelligence; and Networking. Needless to say, we empower our clients to take informed hiring decisions thanks to our team of seasoned experts. So opt for the smarter way of hiring with Dimension Consulting to take advantage of the range of services we offer.

Technology Focus Areas
Oracle EPM Oracle EBS Web Technologies Quality Assurance Networking
Hyperion Admins Business Analysts Java/J2EE Mobile Apps Testers Sys Admins
Hyperion Developers IT Analysts .NET Manual/ Automation Network Engineers
Business Analysts Project Managers Hadoop Network Analysts
Project Managers Program Managers
Release Managers