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The IT applications and solutions deployed by companies are critical to business and can actually spell the difference between success and failure. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that these applications are thoroughly tested for their complete functional and technical capabilities before being integrated with the real-time business processes. Quality Assurance plays the pivotal role here by ensuring high-quality and error free applications. At Dimensions Consulting, we provide top-notch Quality Assurance services that leave no room for error and are utilized to guarantee uninterrupted and optimum performance of business critical applications.

Unlike the common perception that QA is only about software testing, our team of QA experts is with you at every step of the process to oversee the application deployment in its entirety. Right from targeting the founding problems, to monitoring and constantly improving the development process to making sure that the final product meets both the customer’s as well as our standards, we leave no stone unturned in delivering the best possible quality. Our QA team is involved in all stages of development, starting from understanding the concept and requirement details, collecting and analyzing requirements, creation of requirement and test specifications, testing of every version and inclusion of recommended enhancements, release and deployment of the final product and the post-implementation reviews. We make sure that we are strategically aligned with the customers’ objectives throughout, and we walk that extra mile to assure that the finest quality of output is achieved.

Apart from providing operational excellence, our QA services also ensure additional benefits, namely, improving customer satisfaction, and reducing the long-term cost of development and maintenance with minimal rework and iterations.