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Begin the Transformation and realize the benefits

Each cloud journey is its own story, but the benefits are similar.


This model has a dependency to the internet, but it means independence from the office. Employees are now more able to access data from servers outside the office and not hard-wired in-house servers—creating a more flexible and mobile work lifestyle for organizations.

Not only does cloud computing provide flexibility for workers, it provides flexibility in implementing changes and new technologies without high risk and cost. Because organizations aren’t bound to a hard-wired IT infrastructure that cost a lot to create in the first place, they have room to experiment and change things with the ability to just as easily revert back to their original system if things do not work out.

Cost Reduction and Increased Efficiency

The low barrier of entry and the pay-per-use model offered by cloud computing makes it very versatile. It is scalable for large corporations and affordable for small ones. Since a massive amount of resources is not needed for everyone, the cost can be divided among many. A cloud provider can offer an infinite amount of resources to many users. Because of reduced cost and time, organizations can focus efforts elsewhere and be more efficient.


While internet connectivity and the provider itself being subject to outages is a scary fact of the nature of cloud computing, there is still more reliability in comparison to in-house systems because of the economies of scale. Oracle is able to give 24/7 technical support and highly trained experienced staff to support the infrastructure at its best condition, and the benefits will reach you. Compare this to you having a team of on-site IT people with varied skill set.

Security Gains

Yes, there are security risks with cloud computing. But, the traditional, in-house data storage system comes with risks as well. The gain here lies within smaller, newer companies with low budget for implementing security systems and less know-how about security technology. Oracle already provides the hardware and knowledge for the most current security measures.

It is evident that implementing a new data system comes with serious risks to consider, but it is also clear that the benefits of cloud computing can be factors that help business grow.

Like with anything, it is important to plan implementation properly and consider all areas that will be affected. DIMCON can certainly assist you in doing this.

Are you ready to begin the cloud journey?