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Dimension Consulting Inc. was established in 2009 with a vision to build an organization that would provide services in specific technology domains so that its customers would benefit from our specializations and the maturity of its processes.

Our Vision :

  • Perpetuate the growth of a technology organization that offers best-in-class software solutions and services to resolve specific business functions.
  • Build top of the line expertise and competency in the Oracle Cloud and legacy systems.
  • Align our core competencies with our clients’ needs, and enable them to achieve their strategic objectives.
  • Build an organization that is grounded in the philosophy of delivering quality services in a fair, ethical and equitable manner.

Our Mission :

Our mission as a technology firm is to work diligently to adapt to the evolving customer needs, market conditions and technologies, and adopt the best practices in the industry to offer our customers the best possible solutions for their needs as well conscientiously labor to create a work environment that brings the highest quality of productivity in its employees.

  • Help our clients accomplish their business goals.
  • Build enduring synergy-based relations with our clients and associates.
  • Consistently drive organizational growth and productivity through strategic partnerships, creativity and innovation.
  • Help clients enhance their people potential by scouting the right talent for their needs.
  • Endeavor to achieve 100% customer satisfaction level through service delivery and quality compliance.