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Over the past decade or so, organizations large and small have found ingenious ways to attract new customers and retain existing customers using the power of the Internet. This process continues to evolve and break new barriers as technology sophistication continues to evolve. With so many different technologies and multitude of concepts to implement, organizations are faced with the challenge of aligning their organization with the right technology to enable the fastest and quickest route to achieving their goals.

What is the right solution for you? What do you need to do to establish differentiators in the marketplace to gain that extra competitive advantage?

At Dimension Consulting, we work closely with clients to achieve exactly this, by creating an unmatched presence on the web, coupled with a highly engaging experience for your customers through our web technologies suite of services.

Our comprehensive web technologies portfolio is designed to give our customers that extra advantage with cutting edge solutions in the following areas:

Web Portal Solutions: Most organizations have enabled web portals to facilitate the exchange of information for their key stakeholders. However, this work is an ongoing effort. Not only are more effective web portals required, but also there is an ongoing need to maintain these web portals.

  • Our expert team of web developers will work closely with you to design and develop solutions that align with your objectives.

  • Dimension’s subject matter experts will provide recommendations on the best technology and methodology for implementation.

  • If you current technology platform is not working for you, we will help you switch to a platform that works best for you.

  • Technology Focus Areas

    Microsoft SQL Server
    Ajax/Jquery/Angular JS
  • We will create for you an exceptional web presence.

Graphics and Design Solutions: Your website is the face of your company. It establishes your identity and sets the initial (and very valuable) perception in the minds of your customers. Every small detail goes on to create a big impact, especially the visuals and graphics that form your website. Our expert designers help create highly professional and effective graphics and design solutions to help both customers and prospects remember your website long after they had visited it online.

Content Development Solutions: The information available on your website must resonate with your customers in order for it to have a positive impact on visitors in a meaningful manner. Dimensions Consulting offers a wide range of content development solutions including SEO and SEM services, so that no visitor leaves a webpage before having read the engaging content.

Online Data Analytics and Reporting: In order to determine and further increase your company’s online presence, we bring to you excellent tracking, analysis and reporting solutions, and continually propose ways in which to increase your online visibility through on-site web analytics.

Web Technology Services: We help analyze and resolve specific problem areas of websites, ultimately providing a smooth and flawless online experience for all your customers.

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